Connecting ideas from emerging markets with capital markets. Expand the workplace / expertise and access a global digital corporation that matches the requirements, finance and profitability that holds the interests and values of the company.

Recruitment is now simplified and measured against performance, creating and spearheading opportunities for women and people of colour into senior leadership positions.


Inclusivity means no one is omitted. Here at JUUBIX we believe ‘accessibility’ is most important! We have chosen to factor this into the design and functionality of JUUBIX creating an inclusive application and backend metric for all.

Accessibility is not only about disability but also about ‘the ability to access’, JUUBIX can be used remotely as a collaborative tool, a connector to financial services and internally to offer incentives to colleagues to keep them engaged.


Under current pandemic circumstances, our solution embraces the distancing rules by providing a solution that can support co-work facilities via interactive white label LCD screens. The added benefits of gamification features make it enjoyable to connect and have fun throughout the user experience.