Collaborative & Finance Tool

JUUBIX is a financial intermediary that matches startups and social projects to relevant cloud based services, cross-functional expertise and investment anonymously in real time like a jukebox. Offering a secure endless ledger for communications, computated finance and effort tracking. Based on matched criteria JUUBIX allows you to shuffle, just like a rubik cube across sectors and disciplines, creating all-inclusive and diversified pools of ideas, expertise and investment.

How it works

Technologies Used

To create a robust, secure and automated ecosystem we have adopted distributed ledger technology to record and verify payments and activities from multiple segmented pools to simplify decision making. We do not store data, we harvest data by mining it and then discovering patterns of large data sets in an intelligent way.







JUUBIX enables current ecosystems and networks to hold value based on participation, status tracking and matched investment. Organisations can simplify their collaborative efforts with a white-label solution

With a 3 trillion StartUp global market set to grow, JUUBIX aims to funnel your connections and mobilise your network to a number of cloud services, experts and finance providers. JUUBIX will aim to target the 1.7 Billion unbanked globally with an intention to extend and connect them to financial services anonymously based on criteria.