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Connect ideas to experts and investment, your one stop marketplace to connect with collaborative stakeholders.

Distributed Connected Cloud Based Network for Internal and External Collaboration Activities

JUUBIX is a distributed cloud based solution for social and entrepreneurial innovators who have ideas but lack the funds, skills and teams to develop, deliver and scale. JUUBIX acts as a jukebox for selecting matched collaborators and stakeholders anonymously to create real-time connectivity, and on the go connections. Based on matched criteria JUUBIX allows you to shuffle, just like a rubik cube across sectors and disciplines, creating all inclusive and diversified pools of ideas, expertise and investment. It connects to all areas of expertise and investment showcasing and calculating the overall finance value involved to carry out an idea.

Click JUUBIX icon to open up collaborative ecosystem of matched connections.

JUUBIX will allow users to securely make payments against project activities.

JUUBIX provides analytics and tracks the viability of potential collaborative stakeholders.

Collaborative Stakeholders Start Up Business Corporation JUUBIX






Customer On-boarding





Expert Suppliers










* All of the above collaborative stakeholders are all potential users of the JUUBIX platform.

JUUBIX Mission

‘To inspire people to connect without exclusion’

JUUBIX shared mission is to use collaboration to deliver economic, social and environmental development worldwide. By matching the strongest ideas to expertise, customers and investors, JUUBIX promotes team building devoid of any bias with a highly innovative forward thinking system alternative, driven by top-notch technology. 


‘The JUUBIX vision is to create and integrate a global network of expertise and ideas, using one collaborative tool that works across multiple sectors.’

Core Team Collaborators

Susan Falola Susan Falola
Oliver Chalkley Oliver Chalkley
Caroline Thay Caroline Thay
Hatim Salih Hatim Salih
Claire Delplanqc Claire Delplanqc
Walyd Abdallah Walyd Abdallah
Janice Tan Janice Tan
Shrey Soni Shrey Soni
Holly James Holly James
Mohana Sundaram Mohana Sundaram
Chuk Ogbobie Chuk Ogbobie
Michael Mann Michael Mann
Hargobind Gupta Hargobind Gupta
Abdelkader Brahmi Abdelkader Brahmi

Susan Falola

CEO / Creative Director

Oliver Chalkley

CTO / Information Officer

Caroline Thay

Company Secretary

Hatim Salih

Quantum Technologist

Claire Delplanqc

Head of Marketing Communications

Walyd Abdallah

Head of Media & Promotion’

Janice Tan

Corporate Sales Manager

Shrey Soni

Blockchain Developer

Holly James

Director of Media / Sales

Mohana Sundaram

Dicipline Developer

Chuk Ogbobie

Lead Generator

Michael Mann

Operations Officer

Hargobind Gupta

Blockchain Developer

Abdelkader Brahmi

Full Stack Developer

Advisory Collaborators

Robert Mcdowall Robert Mcdowall
Sanjay Jadhav Sanjay Jadhav
Amad Malik Amad Malik
Sanya Soyannwo Sanya Soyannwo
Luiza Pelizara Luiza Pelizara
Kavita Bhatia Kavita Bhatia
Jerry Witkowitcz Jerry Witkowitcz
Nick Stalder Nick Stalder
Jess Gosling Jess Gosling
Simona Toma Simona Toma

Robert Mcdowall

Financial Advisor

Owner, UbiCap Groupe. 35 years experience in Banking Securities and Investment.

Sanjay Jadhav

Blockchain Advisor

CEO at, 20+ years developing, scaling products & teams.

Amad Malik

Technical Advisor

Senior Enterprise Architect at Roche, 23 years of experience in the IT industry.

Sanya Soyannwo

Operations Advisor

Certified Information Systems Security Professional, 25+ years in audit and project management.

Luiza Pelizara

Strategic Advisor

Certified Scrum Master, Executive Software Developement and Agile Methodologies.

Kavita Bhatia

Blockchain Advisor

Senior Full Stack Developer (Blockchain) with 20+ years of experience in software developement.

Jerry Witkowitcz

Strategic Advisor

CEO and Co-Founder at and 180FIND 25+ years experience.

Nick Stalder

Finance Advisor

Over 30 years in capital market, Fintech and start-up companies.

Jess Gosling

Policy and Public Relations Advisor

CEO of Growth & Grace Collective. International & Cultural Diplomacy, Public Speaker & Brand Strategist.

Simona Toma

Legal Advisor

Senior Independent Consultant – 12+ Contracts, Commercial and Performance Mangement.

JUUBIX Solution

The JUUBIX Ecosystem will use a hybrid blockchain, investment model which integrates the private / public sectors.

Real-Time Connectivity for world-wide collaborations

  • Connecting ideas and start ups to expertise and investment pools, using JUUBIX unique matching system.
  • Investors can explore new sectors, disciplines and filter further into sub-sectors as well as draw down funds.
  • Blockchain secured peer to peer payment system.

Enabling public individual innovators to grow ideas and share them with private sector businesses.

Inclusive Multidisciplinary Strategy

  • ‘No Face’ anonymous profiling allows unbiased consensus sharing, flow of information and resource utilisation. 
  • Participating in JUUBIX adds to the value of your shareholding per project and per value benefit.
  • End to end contributed data, all users have to meet a set threshold set by JUUBIX.
  •  Lack of participation or contribution can lead to profile deletion.


JUUBIX Aggregator Ecosystem

JUUBIX Functionality

JUUBIX Scenario

Charles is an app developer; he has an idea for a vegan cosmetics company. He applies on JUUBIX and connects with the relevant expertise and investment pools.

He selects his industry sector, and completes application based on his skills, funding required, expertise needed and his values and interests. These are then matched across the network.

He matches with experts and investors in Legal, Marketing, Strategy, Operations and other Tech professionals across sectors and disciplines.

He first starts communicating and meeting individuals and paying for collaborative work using his QR code, which boosts his reputation status and curates an operational team.

Then he showcases his team and idea at the investment showcase event. He is awarded investment which is facilitated by his JUUBIX idea bank for distribution amongst collaborative stakeholders.

Why become JUUBIX Member?

– Multiple incomes from various projects

– Established work templates automated to other projects reducing the workload and overhead costs

– Having access to talent pool of experts from the outset of an idea

– Licensing ideas & contributions

– Aggregative tool for already existing solutions

There are existing services and products that offer a fragmented ecosystem of innovators, investors and executors such as CrowdCube, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, TechStars, Seedrs, Entrepreneur First, WeWork just to name a few as there are many. The need for a migrating tool that matches like-minded individuals and converges all towards solution building in a secure and automated ecosystem is lacking. This is where JUUBIX sights a gap in the market to become a real time tool that migrates across services and pools of engagement.

JUUBIX Migration Solution

  • Scaling social & business ideas through Hybrid Investments.
  • NDA / GDPR Compliant.
  • Generating client leads and new membership clients.
  • Make fiat / digital payments on exchanges made between collaborations

JUUBIX tracks participation through bar code scan and authenticated analytics based on:

  • Initial anonymous communication.
  • Sharing & building on knowledge.
  • Discovery of skills and finance.
  • Idea ranking.
  • Sector characterisation.
  • Smart Contracts -Secure working and payment agreements on the blockchain.

Migration of existing collaboration and investment platforms



Go To Market Timeline



Build JUUBIX Community – EventBrite / Meet Ups / Telegram


Partner with External Business Networks


Enlist 100 Universities to test design and functionality


Functional Prototype


Partner with External Consultancy Services


Minimum Viable Product


Government Contacts and Resources


Commercial Sponsorship


Partner with FCA regulated investment network


Engage with corporate early adopters


Alpha Version

Dashboards, Collaboration Functionality, Smart Contracts for Marketplace, Analytics & Statistics.


Blockchain Beta Version

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Functionality Tests, Stable Network Environment.


JUUBIX Official Launch


Investment Showcase -Proof of Concept

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